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Hot nude american student girl with shaved pussy

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How do you think many of girls you know were posing absolutely naked and how many girls post their home photos to Internet? Of course, it’s tough to answer this question exactly but I’m providing my erotic blog during long period of time and some statistics I know. Let’s begin from understanding how many nude girls pose at home in front of cameras. Such inquiries were done on numerous women’s forums and results can be shocked for most of the people. So today around 80% girls at least once did intimate naked selfie and 50% of girls do it regularly. Marginally, this statistics can be confirmed by celebrities. Remember 2014 when you could find in Internet private pics of hundreds of celebrities and they all had nude pics. Go further. Also by statistics around 70% girls at least once were posing naked for their sexual partner and 30% of girls do it regularly.

More complicated question which part of such pics is available for Internet users?  Such statistics I didn’t find and it’s tough to find it. All complexity of this statistics consists of the fact that a lot of girls will never know that people can see them in Internet. So I just can suppose looking forward on my experience and observations. Not more than 10% of all private photos with naked girls appear to Internet. Please don’t ask me why 10%, just believe me. And now by statistics you can approximately know how many of your friends girls can be in Internet.

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