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Not so long time ago it was so popular between girls to be thin. All girls were trying to achieve perfect model parameters 90-60-90. Time is running, and also tendencies in women’s bodies are changing.  Now, it’s not a shame to have big ass if she is fit and muscular. Even on the contrary, it’s bad to have now small ass, mostly guys are dreaming about butts bigger. I confess to you honestly, I knew it would happen. The matter consists of the fact when everybody tried to have slim bodies, most of the guys didn’t understand this. But, everybody were agreed that it looks sexy and didn’t dare tell their opinion about beauty of non-slim women’s bodies. Girls accepted it as approval of new trend. Nature can’t be fooled and each man intuitively is dreaming to fuck girl with big ass, which is associate subconscious with female who can give you healthy descendants.  And here it is big butts are in trend again. I want to show you here already mature women which asses are dream for your dick.

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