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My name is Anna Pussy and this is my private blog where I publish every day beautiful amateur pics. Today I’ll show you absolutely naked girls with wide hips. I’m sure you will like these bitches and you want fuck each of them.

Amateur beautiful naked girls with wide hips

Nude teen girl with wide hips

I’m sure that not so many of you were thinking about women’s hips. More precisely, you are thinking seldom about why you like this or another girl. You just looking on beauty and then you have an idea in your head “I want to fuck her’’.  So what do I say this? The thing is that scientists proved influence of volume women’s hips on her sexual estimation by men’s eyes. If hips are 20-35% wider than waist such woman will look more sexual in men’s eyes. Easy words, if girl has wide hips she would be more attractive for men. It explained so easily. Women with such figure can give a birth easily. And everybody of us is guided by instincts first of all. If man see potential mother he wants to impregnate her or other words – fuck her. So I decided to show you girls which you wish to fuck. These beauties look much better on the knees. This is perfect view – in front of your eyes you can see her big wide ass and open pussy, and you just need to insert your dick! Don’t make her wait for you!

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